To quote this resource: A. BOULANGER, “The New Digital Economy Unit of the French Competition Authority”, Competition Forum –Resources, 2021, n° 0004,


Who could have imagined, 15 years ago, the changes brought about by digital technology? Digital technology has indeed changed our lives, is changing them now and will continue to change them in the years to come, to the point that some people do not hesitate to talk about a fourth industrial revolution.

Many positive effects can be attributed to digital technology, but it also has less desirable effects and disrupts many branches of law. Competition law is not spared from these changes. We are in a key period where national and international political powers are thinking about the development of new laws to ensure that competition remains free and undistorted in digital markets.

If the European Union has presented a proposal for a regulation (DMA) to replace the old e-commerce directive, France currently believes that its national law allows to understand the new behaviors related to digital.

However, the French authorities recognize the need to develop an in- depth knowledge, and have decided to create a digital economy department within the competition authority.

Created barely a year ago, this small department currently composed of 4 people will grow over time and has many responsibilities to ensure thecontestability of the online market. This department is dedicated to intervene on all the files involving from near or far the digital. The objective of this report is to demonstrate the Digital Economy Unit’s means of action but also its vision of future competition law.



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