To quote this resource: Clémentine MATHON, “Consumer Sovereignty in Competition Law”, Competition Forum – Resources, 2023, n° 0012,  


The era of digitization and increasing international flows has long been a source of concern for economists and legal experts. Faced with these new challenges, the preservation of consumer sovereignty has been increasingly put to the test.

In both French and international law, consumers benefit from a favorable regime. In order to combat corporate over-power, the consumer is interpreted as an ignoramus, whose protection must be ensured at all costs.

States find themselves confronted with this emerging societal problem. Authorities must strike the right balance between guaranteeing the economy and its growth, and their role as guardians of diverse consumers.

A particular problem arises in the field of competition law. Under competition law, consumers are broadly defined as economic agents. The vision of consumerism is thus interpreted in a new light.
Moreover, the importance of regulating competition, new players and new markets in order to guarantee consumer sovereignty must not be allowed to hinder economic development.

Therefore, the aim of this research report is to address these issues, and their complex interrelationships, in order to promise effective protection of consumer sovereignty in competition law.


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